Dafi Astra Unimax 3 Litre Water Filter Jug

Product Number: DAF7240

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Dafi Astra Unimax 3 Litre Water Filter Jug

Filter water easily from the comfort of your kitchen. With Dafi water filters and jugs you will discover the true taste of water which is undisturbed by pollution. Dafi filters and jugs removes effectively anything that interferes with its flavor - like; heavy metals (lead, copper), chlorine, or a lime scale and lets you enjoy the pure and tasty water.

With a Smart Filter LED reminder that you can set to show you when to change your water filter in your Asta jug.  Complete with easy filing lid, letting you to fill the jug without taking off the lid, ergonomic handle for easy moving and carrying and fits most fridge doors perfectly.  3 litre capacity with non-slip base giving your jug ultimate stability.  Jug is dishwasher safe, bar the cover protecting the indicator.

This pack includes 1 x Astra 3 litre jug and 1 x unimax filter.

Replacement filters available here.

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